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The Golden Age of British Cinema

Gainsborough Lady - Gainsborough Pictures J. Arthur Rank Presents

British cinema during the 1940s enjoyed a golden age as wartime film-makers found a new freedom to reflect the national mood, producing works of unparalleled ambition and boldness. Audiences turned to Ealing comedy films, escapist melodrama - often from Gainsborough Pictures - and World War II propaganda.

New Pictures

Laurence Olivier (Hamlet) and Jean Simmons (Ophelia) in the Two Cities Films 1948 production of Hamlet The Robe opening title The Wheel Spins, by Ethel Lina White.  A Crime Club Choice from Penguin Books.  This book was the inspiration for Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes of 1938 British actress Jean Kent in a publicity shot for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945) Spartacus DVD - Original Poster Series featuring limited edition artwork with Kirk Douglas Jean Simmons, British actress, wears a lacy top and a pearl necklace as she poses for a 1950s publicity photo Stewart Granger, famous British film star who later made his name in Hollywood, poses for a promotional photo in the mid-1940s Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger recently revealed that they expect their first child in July.  Here Jean enjoys the last piece of her cake that her obstetrician will allow her until after the happy event.  This photo was taken at the end-of-the-picture party for Hilda Crane, Jean's next 20th-Fox CinemaScope release.  The love drama also stars Guy Madison and Jean Pierre Aumont.  1st May, 1956. Jean Simmons, Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis laugh happily in a candid shot taken during a break from filming on the set of Spartacus British actress Margaret Lockwood pauses for a publicity shot as she disembarks a BEA flight in the late 1950s/early 1960s.  In her hands she holds a pair of sunglasses and a small bag. Glamorous British film star Phyllis Calvert wears a shawl as she smokes a cigarette.  A 1940s studio publicity photo for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945). Network / The British Film DVD release of the House in the Woods, starring Patricia Roc, Ronald Howard, and Michael Hough.  It was just a murder story... or was it happening for real? Pearl (Siobhan McKenna) and Di (Margaret Lockwood) have tea after the funeral of Pearl's husband.  On a Foggy Day, 1969.

Recent News

Celebrity Mastermind – The Life and Works of Stewart Granger
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Celebrity Mastermind - The Life and Works of Stewart Granger Bunny Campione, competing on behalf of...
» 23rd December, 2013
Jean Kent dies aged 92
Signed photo of an elegant-looking Jean Kent
Jean Kent, last of the Gainsborough Girls, dies aged 92. More details at the Telegraph.
» 30th November, 2013
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Bonjour Tristesse Photograph from with David Niven
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» 26th August, 2013

Margaret Lockwood

Margaret Lockwood

After early success for Hitchcock, with her trademark beauty spot the actress became Britain's leading lady of the 1940s.

Films The Lady Vanishes, The Wicked Lady and The Stars Look Down

Books Once a Wicked Lady and Lucky Star

1916 - 1990

Joan Greenwood

Joan Greenwood

A bewitching and provocative actress with a voice likened to the sound of someone gargling with champagne.

Films Kind Hearts and Coronets, Whisky Galore! and The Importance of Being Earnest

Book Leading Ladies

1921 - 1987

Patricia Roc

Patricia Roc

Popular, sexy British film star who rose to fame in the 1940s playing the girl next door types.

Films Millions Like Us, Love Story and The Wicked Lady

Book The Goddess of the Odeons

1915 - 2003

Julia Lockwood

Julia Lockwood

Known as Toots, Margaret Lockwood's daughter who, after child roles, became an actress in her own right.

Films The White Unicorn, Please Turn Over and No Kidding

1941 -

Jean Simmons

Jean Simmons

Demure British actress who found early fame as a teenager; she acted in major British films before moving to Hollywood.

Films The Way to the Stars, Guys and Dolls and Elmer Gantry

1929 - 2011

Jean Kent

Jean Kent

British actress who played the haughty, seductive type and who was often cast as a spiteful hussy or femme fatale.

Films Fanny by Gaslight, Caravan and Trottie True

1921 -

Stewart Granger

Stewart Granger

Dashing leading man of the 1940s who specialised in romantic leads and later during the 50s in big-game hunter roles.

Films The Man in Grey, Waterloo Road and Scaramouche

Books Sparks Fly Upward and The Last of the Swashbucklers

1913 - 1993

Sid Field

Sid Field

Stage and vaudeville actor loved for his routines involving a naive approach to the billiards table and the golf course.

Films That's the Ticket, London Town and Cardboard Cavalier

Book What a Performance!

1904 - 1950

Latest DVD Releases

The House in the Woods DVD
Network / The British Film DVD release of the House in the Woods, starring Patricia Roc, Ronald Howard, and Michael Hough.  It was just a murder story... or was it happening for real?
The House in the Woods (1957)
A trendy couple get in over their head in their quest for a little peace and quiet.

Ealing Studios Rarities Collection - Volume 11
Seaside rep players Peter and Carol are in despair over the chaotic state of rehearsals for Peter's first play. Then, a local actor turned Hollywood star arrives in the town...

Margaret Lockwood makes her screen debut in this adaptation of R. D. Blackmore's classic tale of two feuding West Country families during the seventeenth century.

The wife of a Yorkshire vicar sees a chance for her husband to increase his status and income. But there are more pressing concerns for the gentle, world-weary vicar...

The story of the love between the daughter of a record manufacturer and the son of the man he had cheated, set during the early days of the gramophone industry.
Lorna Doone (1934)
In 1625 on Exmoor, a farmer comes to love an outlaw's daughter who proves in reality to be a kidnapped heiress.

Kiss the Bride Goodbye DVD
Kiss the Bride Goodbye DVD
Kiss the Bride Goodbye (1945)
A runaway couple are unwittingly abetted by her uncle.

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