The Human Jungle

Starring: Herbert Lom, Margaret Lockwood and James Villiers
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In Solo Performance, Margaret Lockwood stars as a famous actress who makes everybody's life a misery - including her own.

But Dr Corder realises that if she were to change she would no longer be able to act - the one thing that really matters to her.


Herbert Lom
Dr Roger Corder
Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed "Sincerely" by the actress
Jean Forrest
James Villiers
Michael Johnson
Dr Jimmy Davis
Sally Smith
Jennifer Corder
Mary Yeomans
Nancy Hamilton
Rona Anderson
Sister Campbell
Basil Hoskins
Doreen Dawn

Production Information

60 minutes, B&W, ITV, 19th October, 1964

Film Clip


Screenshot from The Human Jungle
Screenshot from The Human Jungle
Screenshot from The Human Jungle with Margaret Lockwood
Photograph from The Human Jungle
DVD cover from The Human Jungle with Herbert Lom
Look Westward magazine with Herbert Lom and  Margaret Lockwood in The Human Jungle.  13th March, 1965.

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