The Beloved Vagabond

Stars: Maurice Chevalier, Betty Stockfeld, Margaret Lockwood

At the turn of the 20th century, a jilted French artist becomes a vagabond and falls in love with an orphan girl


In London at the turn of the century, Gaston du Nerac is due to marry his fiancee, Joanna.

When her father finds himself in financial trouble, Gaston reluctantly accepts help from a rival - on condition that he never sees Joanna again.

Gaston leaves England for France, befriending a Cockney lad with a talent for caricature and a pretty little singer, Blanquette.

"He kissed many, but loved one!"


Maurice Chevalier
Betty Stockfeld
Joanna Rushworth
Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed "Sincerely" by the actress
Desmond Tester
Austin Trevor
Count de Verneuil
Peter Haddon
Major Walters
Charles Carson
Charles Rushworth
Cathleen Nesbitt
Mme. Boin
Barbara Gott
Amy Veness
Cafe Owner
D J Williams
C Denier Warren
Railway Clerk
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Production Information

1936, 68 minutes, B&W, Wells Root, Arthur Wimperis, Hugh Mills, Walter Creighton (Writers), William J. Locke (Novel), Curtis Bernhardt (Director)

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