Main title from Caravan (1946)


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Stars: Stewart Granger, Jean Kent, Anne Crawford

A young man on a mission in Spain is left for dead by emissaries of his rival in love; he is nursed back to health by a gypsy girl who falls in love with him

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Stewart Granger, famous British film star who later made his name in Hollywood, poses for a promotional photo in the mid-1940s
Richard Darrell
British actress Jean Kent in a publicity shot for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
Anne Crawford
Oriana Camperdene
Dennis Price sports a natty moustache, cravat and white jumper, all whilst smoking a cigarette
Sir Francis Castleton
Robert Helpmann
Gerard Heinz
Don Carlos
Arthur Goullet
John Salew
Julian Somers
Pete Murray
Josef Ramart
Joseph O’Donohue
Sylvia St Clair
Patricia Laffan
Henry Morrell
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Also known as

Zingari (Italy)

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Screenshot from Caravan (1946) (1)
Caravan (1946) screenshot (1)
Main title from Caravan (1946)
Caravan (1946) opening credits
Jean Kent (as Rosal) and Stewart Granger (as Richard Darrell) in a photograph from Caravan (1946) (1)
Caravan (1946) photograph (1) | Jean Kent, Stewart Granger
Italian poster for Zingari [Caravan] (1946) (1)
Zingari [Caravan] (1946) Italian poster (1)
Italian poster for Caravan (1946) (1)
Caravan (1946) Italian poster (1)
Lobby card from Caravan (1946) (1)
Caravan (1946) lobby card (1)
Poster for Caravan (1946) (1)
Caravan (1946) poster (1)
Picture Show magazine with Jean Kent and  Stewart Granger in Caravan.  June, 1946.
Picture Show magazine – Jean Kent, Stewart Granger – June 1946
Film Complet magazine with Stewart Granger in Caravan.  22nd June, 1950, issue number 211.  (French)
Film Complet magazine – Stewart Granger – June 1950

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