Conduct Unbecoming

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| | UK | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 1h 47min |
Stars: Michael York, Richard Attenborough, Trevor Howard

In an officers’ mess in India in the 1890s, a cadet is accused of assault on a lady, but the real culprit is a paranoiac who has taken to pig-sticking in quite the wrong way

An unspeakable crime among officers and ladies.

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Disappointingly flatly handled and quite unatmospheric picturisation of an absorbing West End melodrama. The cast is largely wasted but stretches of dialogue maintain their interest. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (18)

Michael York
2nd Lt Arthur Drake
British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
Maj Lionel E. Roach
British actor Trevor Howard smokes a cigarette.  Howard is dressed in a herringbone jacket and tie
Col Benjamin Strang
Stacy Keach
Capt Harper
Christopher Plummer
Maj Alastair Wimbourne
Susannah York
Mrs Marjorie Scarlett
James Faulkner
2nd Lt Edward Millington
Michael Culver
Lt Richard Fothergill
James Donald
The Doctor
Rafiq Anwar
Pradah Singh
Helen Cherry
Mrs Strang
Michael Fleming
Lt Frank Hart
David Robb
2nd Lt Winters
David Purcell
2nd Lt Boulton
Andrew Lodge
2nd Lt Hutton
David Neville
2nd Lt Truly
Persis Khambatta
Mrs Bandanai
Michael Byrne
2nd Lt Toby Strang
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Michael Deeley
Andrew Donally
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UK Release

20th May, 1976

Production Companies

Lion International