Double Confession

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Stars: Derek Farr, Joan Hopkins, Peter Lorre

At a seaside resort, a man finds his wife dead and tries to frame her lover, but becomes confused with two real murders with a different purpose

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British actor Derek Farr wears a jacket and tie.  Picture is autographed ’To David Good luck, Derek Farr’
Jim Medway
Joan Hopkins
Ann Corday
Peter Lorre
William Hartnell
Charlie Durham
Naunton Wayne, well-known British actor who plays the role of Leslie, one of the club friends of of Henry Garnet (Basil Radford) in ‘The Facts of Life’, one of the four Somerset Maugham stories comprising ‘Quartet’, Sydney Box’s new production for Gainsborough Pictures
Inspector Tenby
Ronald Howard
Hilary Boscombe
British actress Kathleen Harrison wears a striped blouse
Leslie Dwyer
Edward Rigby
The Fisherman
George Woodbridge
Sgt. Sawnton
Henry Edwards
Man in the Shelter
Mona Washbourne
Fussy Mother
Jennifer Cross
Fussy Mother’s Child
Vida Hope
Madam Zilia
Esma Cannon
Madam Cleo
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