Film | | UK | 1h 11min
Stars: Donald Houston, Fay Compton, Anton Diffring

A Cornish fisherman smuggles a criminal gang across the English Channel but discovers their plot to murder him

Cast (15)

British actor Donald Houston wears a jacket and tie
Albert Pascoe
Fay Compton
Alice Pascoe
Anton Diffring
Dmitri Krassin
Allan Cuthbertson
Delphi Lawrence
Anna Krassin
William Hartnell
Herbert Whiteway
John Blythe
Fred Trewin
Bruce Gordon
Harry Simms
Frank Lawton
Chief Constable
Raymond Francis
Inspector Harris
Ann Stephens
Harry Towb
Kenneth Cope
Jeffrey - of the Coast Guard
Colin Douglas
Police Sergeant
Robert Shaw
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Anthony Squire



Film Footage

Black and White

UK Release

1st February, 1956

Production Company

Beaconsfield Productions

Pictures (1)

Anton Diffring (as Dmitri Krassin) and Donald Houston (as Albert Pascoe) in a photograph from Doublecross (1956)
Doublecross (1956) photograph | Anton Diffring, Donald Houston