The Sound Barrier

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| | UK | Drama | 1h 58min

An aircraft manufacturer takes risks with the lives of his family and friends to prove that the sound barrier can be broken


British stage and screen actor, Ralph Richardson
John Ridgefield
Publicity photograph featuring Ann Todd, English actress.  Todd is wearing an ornate embroidered shawl.
Susan Garthwaite
British actor Nigel Patrick, dressed in jacket and tie, smokes a cigarette
Tony Garthwaite
John Justin
Philip Peel
British actress, Dinah Sheridan, poses for a fashion shoot
Jess Peel
Joseph Tomelty
Will Sparks
Denholm Elliott
Christopher Ridgefield
Jack Allen
Windy Williams
Ralph Michael
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David Lean


Film Footage

Black and White

UK Release

22nd July, 1952

Production Company

London Film Productions