A Town Like Alice

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| Film | | UK | 1h 57min |
Stars: Virginia McKenna, Peter Finch, Kenji Takaki

Life among women prisoners of the Japanese in Malaya, especially one who is finally reunited with her Australian lover

Cast (15)

British actress, Virginia McKenna, wears a crucifix pendant
Jean Paget
Peter Finch
Joe Harman
Kenji Takaki
Japanese Sergeant
Tran Van Khe
Captain Sugaya
Jean Anderson
Miss Horsefall
Marie Lohr
Mrs Dudley Frost
Maureen Swanson
Renee Houston
Nora Nicholson
Mrs Frith
Eileen Moore
Mrs Holland
John Fabian
Mr Holland
Vincent Ball
Tim Turner
British Sergeant
Vu Ngoc Tuan
Captain Yanata
Munesato Yamada
Captain Takata
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A Town Like Alice DVD [2017]
A Town Like Alice DVD from Network and the British Film

6th March, 2017
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A Town Like Alice DVD from Network and the British Film
A Town Like Alice DVD – Network – The British Film