Old Dogs, New Tricks


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| Film | Colour | Comedy
| Stars: Christopher Timothy, Robert Hardy, Lynda Bellingham

James is none too happy when Siegfried allows Tricky Woo to stay at Skeldale House after Mrs Pumphrey goes away to France


Christopher Timothy
James Herriot
Robert Hardy
Siegfried Farnon
All Creatures Great and Small (1978-1990) | Hampered (1990) opening credits (5) | L Bellingham
Lynda Bellingham
Helen Herriot
Fanny by Gaslight (1944) publicity photograph of British actress Margaretta Scott (1)
Mrs Pumphrey
Teddy Turner
David Ashton
Ewan Ross
Ian Collier
Henry Clintock
William Ivory
Harold Peart
Anthony Benson
Mr Lupton
Richard Cole
Silas Wenlow
Chris Collins
Landlord of Pub
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Bill Sellars