Once a Thief


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| Film | USA | B&W | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 1h 28min
| Stars: Rita Hayworth, Rex Harrison, Joseph Wiseman | Director: George Marshall

A gentleman thief and his accomplice become unwittingly involved in murder

Rita and Rex Steal The Picture!

Cast (10)

Rita Hayworth
Eve Lewis
Autographed photograph of British actor Rex Harrison from the 1948 film, Escape
Jimmy Bourne
Joseph Wiseman
Jean Marie Calbert
Alida Valli
Duchess Blanca
Grégoire Aslan
Dr Victor Muñoz
Virgilio Teixeira
Cayetano – the Bullfighter
Peter Illing
Mr Pickett – the Art Expert
Britt Ekland
Mrs Pickett
George Rigaud
Spanish Police Inspector
Gérard Tichy
Antonio – Prado Museum Guard
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George Marshall
John Gay
Writer (screenplay by)
Richard Condon
Writer (novel)

Also known as

The Happy Thieves


Hillworth Productions A.G.
Production company