The Clouded Yellow DVD

(Eureka Entertainment, 2010)
The Clouded Yellow DVD
The Clouded Yellow DVD


Available for the first time on DVD, completely uncut in its full-length version, this action-packed thriller ranks alongside Hitchcock's great British thrillers.

When ex-spy David Somers takes a low-profile job in the country cataloguing a butterfly collection, he finds that dangerous work continues to pursue him. David grows fond of his employer's niece, a fragile, fey young woman named Sophie. When Sophie is framed for the murder of Hick - the spiteful handyman - David becomes embroiled in a murder mystery and goes underground with the beautiful suspect. The fugitives stay one step ahead of the police until the breathless climax.

Starring the Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Trevor Howard (Gandhi, The Third Man, Superman) in one of his greatest films, alongside the Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Jean Simmons (Spartacus, Guys and Dolls, Elmer Gantry) and directed by Ralph Thomas (Doctor in the House).

The Clouded Yellow DVD
The Clouded Yellow DVD

Featuring: The Clouded Yellow (1950).

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Released: 22nd March, 2010

Price: £10.40

Region: 2 (PAL format)

Number of Discs: 1

Publisher: Eureka Entertainment