Poison Pen DVD

(Network Distributing, 2016)
Poison Pen DVD from Network and the British Film
Poison Pen DVD from Network and the British Film


The placid, harmonious life of a quiet village becomes a hotbed of paranoia and hatred as anonymous letters accusing the villagers of moral and sexual misdemeanours begin to circulate. As speculation and malicious gossip spread, suspicions begin to centre on Connie Fateley, a shy, solitary seamstress; it is only a matter of time before events take a tragic turn…

Adapting a play by award-winning novelist and screenwriter Richard Llewellyn, best known for his classic work How Green Was My Valley, this powerful, highly acclaimed drama explores the darker side of a seemingly idyllic English hamlet. Featuring an outstanding cast, including British screen legends Flora Robson and Robert Newton, Poison Pen is featured in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited aspect ratio.

The British Film Collection Details

‘The British Film’ collection was launched by Network Distributing in April 2013 as part of a five-year plan to release over 450 vintage British films through a deal with Studiocanal, one of Europe’s leading distribution and production companies. Many of the films have never been available to own and will benefit from new transfers, affirming Network Distributing’s commitment to classic British cinema.

Titles include significant works from studios including Associated Talking Pictures, Ealing Studios, London Films, British Lion, Associated British Picture Corporation and EMI from the Studiocanal archive.

Poison Pen DVD from Network and the British Film
Poison Pen DVD from Network and the British Film

Featuring: Poison Pen, .

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Released: 19th September, 2016

Price: £6.97

Classification: PG

Region: 2 (PAL format)

Number of Discs: 1

Publisher: Network Distributing


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