Carlton Cinema ceases UK transmission

British classic film broadcaster ends transmission after nearly five years

Date posted Carlton Cinema, Broadcaster

Carlton Cinema ceased transmission last night, bringing to a close four and a half years of some wonderful films. Recent Joan Greenwood films have included Saraband for Dead Lovers and Kind Hearts and Coronets (shown as part of the final day’s programming). Margaret Lockwood was also well represented with such films as A Girl Must Live, Give us the Moon and, of course, The Wicked Lady.

The channel broadcast the following announcement after the final film (Body Heat), preceded by Genevieve – the first film to be transmitted by the station):

Well, that was the last film on Carlton Cinema. It’s been almost four and a half years since we first went to air, and during that time we’ve shown over 4,000 films. We hope you’ve enjoyed watching them as much as we’ve enjoyed showing them. So, from our director of programmes, George McGee, myself Fiona Goldman and all of the team here at Carlton Cinema – it’s been a great pleasure and thank you for having been with us. Now all we have to do is pick up the popcorn and turn off the lights.

There then followed a collection of clips (including The Wicked Lady) accompanied by Alice Faye’s version of the popular love song ‘You’ll Never Know’.