Vivien Leigh’s former Wiltshire home put up for sale

Humberts estate agents are overseeing the sale by Vivien Leigh’s grandchildren of her former home in Wiltshire

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For a mere snip at £1.1 million (admittedly not bad by London standards), you have the opportunity to purchase Vivien Leigh’s former 6-bed Grade II-listed home in Wiltshire.

‘Zeals’ was Leigh’s country bolthole that she shared with her first husband, Leigh Holman, yet after her divorce and subsequent marriage to Laurence Olivier, she returned to the house many times.

Fellow 1940s star, Stewart Granger’s pad in Spain came up for sale a few years ago – if only I were idle rich, I’d be able to snap up all these 1940s films stars’ properties!

Here’s how Country Life reported the sale. If you have deeper pockets than mine, here also are the Humberts particulars for Manor Farm House.