Play based on the making of Whisky Galore! opens

Date posted Film camera Whisky Galore! (1949) Remake, Theatre

From the BBC:

In 1941 The SS Politician became stuck on a sandbank in the Sound of Eriskay on the coast of Scotland. The ship contained 264,000 bottles of scotch. The islanders of the Outer Hebrides began a series of visits to the cargo, seeing it as a rescue and not an act of looting. In 1946, the Scottish writer Compton MacKenzie wrote a fictional version of this popular story – and so the SS Politician became the SS Cabinet Minister and the book was titled Whisky Galore. Two years later, the film was made. 2007, and ‘Whisky Galore! The Making of a Fillum’ depicts the meeting between the film’s director Sandy MacKendrick, writer Compton MacKenzie, actress Joan Greenwood and producer Monja Danischewsky, as they go through a rewrite of the screenplay.

The play is touring at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse and then in London. Critics have been mixed in their initial reviews of this production.