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Anne Crawford


British actress (died aged 35) | Millions Like Us (1943), Bedelia (1946), Trio (1950)

British leading lady with a gentle, humorous personality

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Born in Haifa, (then) Palestine, Crawford was educated in France and Scotland and began on stage. She died from leukaemia.

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The Peterville Diamond (1943)
Teri Mortimer
Millions Like Us (1943)
Jennifer Knowles
Headline (1943)
Two Thousand Women (1944)
Margaret Long
They Were Sisters (1945)
Vera Sargeant
Caravan (1946)
Oriana Camperdene
Bedelia (1946)
The Master of Bankdam (1947)
Anne Pickersgill
Nightbeat (1947)
Julie Kendall
The Blind Goddess (1948)
Lady Helen Brasted
It’s Hard to Be Good (1948)
Mary Leighton
Trio (1950)
Mrs Ramsey
Knights of the Round Table (1953)
Morgan Le Fay
Street Corner (1953)
WPC Susan
Mad About Men (1954)
Barbara Davenport
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