Main title from The Adventurers (1951) (4)

The Adventurers

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| Film | | UK | B&W | 1h 26min |
Stars: Dennis Price, Jack Hawkins, Siobhan McKenna

In 1902, two Boers and a cashiered English officer set out to recover stolen diamonds

Cast (12)

Dennis Price sports a natty moustache, cravat and white jumper, all whilst smoking a cigarette
Clive Hunter
British actor Jack Hawkins wears a jacket and tie
Pieter Brandt
Siobhan McKenna
Anne Hunter
Peter Hammond
Hendrik van Thaal
Gregoiré Aslan
Bernard Lee
Jack O’Connell
Ronald Adam
van Thaal Snr.
Martin Boddey
Chief Engineer
Cyril Chamberlain
Charles Paton
Philip Ray
Man in Restaurant
Walter Horsbrugh
Man in Restaurant
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David MacDonald


(original story and screenplay)

Production company

Mayflower Productions

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Main title from The Adventurers (1951) (4)

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