Main title from The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

The Bishop’s Wife


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| Film | USA | B&W | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance | 1h 49min |
| Stars: Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven | Director: Henry Koster

An angel is sent down to mend the ways of a bishop whose absorption with cathedral buildings has put him out of touch with his wife and parishioners

The Bishop’s Wife is one of those really rare pictures that leaves you with a wonderful glow!

Cast (25)

Cary Grant
Loretta Young
Julia Brougham
American publicity photograph featuring British actor David Niven
Henry Brougham
Monty Woolley
Professor Wutheridge
James Gleason
Gladys Cooper
Mrs Hamilton
Elsa Lanchester
Sara Haden
Mildred Cassaway
Karolyn Grimes
Debby Brougham
Tito Vuolo
Regis Toomey
Mr Miller
Sarah Edwards
Mrs Duffy
Margaret McWade
Miss Trumbull
Anne O’Neal
Mrs Ward
Ben Erway
Mr Perry
Erville Alderson
Robert J Anderson
Defence Capt
Teddy Infuhr
Attack Capt
Eugene Borden
Almira Sessions
First Lady in Michel’s
Claire Du Brey
Second Lady
Florence Auer
Third Lady
Margaret Wells
Hat Shop proprietress
Kitty O’Neil
Hat Shop customer
Isabel Jewell
Hysterical Mother
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Whimsical, stolid and protracted light comedy saved by its actors and old-fashioned Hollywood style. (Halliwell’s)


Photograph from The Bishop’s Wife (1947) featuring David Niven as Henry Brougham and Cary Grant as Dudley (1)
Main title from The Bishop’s Wife (1947)


Henry Koster
Samuel Goldwyn
Robert E Sherwood
Writer (screenplay)
Leonardo Bercovici
Writer (screenplay)


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Production company
The Samuel Goldwyn Company
Production company
Regal Films International
Distribution company
RKO Radio Pictures
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