Main title from Black Jack (1950)

Black Jack

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| Film | | Spain | 1h 30min
Stars: George Sanders, Herbert Marshall, Patricia Roc

A Riveria socialite pretends to be an undercover agent but is really a smuggler; she is unmasked by a doctor who is really a detective

Like a venomous spider spinning its treacherous lair, the tale of Black Jack unfolds as a suspenseful and complicated web of deceptions and double crosses... where everyone and everything are not what they seem.

Set on the Mediterranean and in the exotic Moroccan city of Tangiers, Mike Alexander is a suave and roguish soldier of fortune who is always one step (and one alibi) ahead of the authorities.

Drawn into a suspicious scheme to liberate six people from a political refugee ship, Alexander finds more than he bargains for when he encounters a wealthy and wearisome widow, a shady sea captain and a dangerous dame with amorous intentions.

Slowly the swirling maze of intrigue and greed begins to unravel revealing the shocking spoils of love, murder and corruption on the high seas of discontent.

Cast (16)

George Sanders
Mike Alexander
Herbert Marshall
Dr James Curtis
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Ingrid Dekker
Agnes Moorehead
Mrs Emily Birk
Marcel Dalio
Captain Nikarescu
Dennis Wyndham
Fernando Barrio
Howard Vernon
Schooner Captain
Jose Nieto
Inspector Carnero
Jose Jaspe
Margarita Alexandre
Flower seller
Rafael Bardem
Lola Flores
Maria Teresa Campos
Manolo Caracol
Jose Maria Lado
Carlos Villarias
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Julien Duvivier
José Antonio Nieves Conde

Also known as

Captain Blackjack (USA)
Jack, el Negro

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Main title from Black Jack (1950)
Black Jack (1950) opening credits
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Captain Blackjack [Black Jack] (1950) American lobby card (1)
Video cover from Black Jack (1950) (1)
Black Jack (1950) video cover (1)
Film Complet magazine with George Sanders in Black Jack.  21st June, 1951, issue number 263.  (French).  Jack le Noir.
Film Complet magazine – George Sanders – June 1951
Poster for Jack, el Negro [Black Jack] (1950) (1)
Jack, el Negro [Black Jack] (1950) poster (1)

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