The Case of Gabriel Perry


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| Film | B&W | Crime, Drama | 1h 17min
| Stars: Henry Oscar, Olga Lindo, Margaret Lockwood | Director: Albert de Courville

Gabriel Perry is the local justice of the peace. When Mrs Perry discovers that Gabriel has committed murder, she can do nothing; in 1935, a wife cannot testify against her husband


Henry Oscar
Gabriel Perry
Olga Lindo
Mrs Perry
Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Mildred Perry
Rodney Ackland
Tommy Read
Franklin Dyall
Photograph of British actress, Martita Hunt (1). The actress wears pearls while smoking a cigarette
Mrs Read
Raymond Lovell
Ralph Truman
Inspector White
Percy Walsh
William Read
John Wood
Godfrey Perry
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Margaret Lockwood (as Mildred Perry) in a photograph from The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935) (1)
Poster for The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935) (3)
Pathescope Monthly magazine with Margaret Lockwood in The Case of Gabriel Perry.  August, 1939.
Poster for The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935) (2)
Poster for The Case of Gabriel Perry (1935) (1)


Albert de Courville
Herbert Smith
L du Garde Peach
James Dale
Writer (play)

Also known as

Wild Justice (USA)


British Lion Film Corporation
Production company
British Lion Film Corporation
Distribution company