Main title from Clockwise (1986) (6)



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| Film | Colour | Comedy | 1h 36min |
| Stars: John Cleese, Penelope Wilton, Alison Steadman | Director: Christopher Morahan

A headmaster on his way to a conference is delayed by circumstance

If you’ve ever been late… you’ll know what this film is all about!


John Cleese
Brian Stimpson
Penelope Wilton
Alison Steadman
Gwenda Stimpson
Stephen Moore
Mr Jolly
Signed photograph of English actress, Joan Hickson. Picture reads ‘All good wishes, Joan Hickson’
Mrs Trellis
Michael Aldridge
Penny Leatherbarrow
Woman Teacher
Howard Lloyd-Lewis
Robert Wilkinson
Jonathan Bowater
John Bardon
Ticket Collector
Mark Bunting
Studious Boy
Mark Burdis
Glen Scully
Nadia Sawalha
Mandy Kostakis
Dickie Arnold
Man at Station
Angus MacKay
First Class Passenger
Peter Needham
Peter Lorenzelli
Taxi Driver
Chip Sweeney
Paul Stimpson
Sharon Maiden
Laura Wisely
Constance Chapman
Mrs Wheel
Ann-Marie Gwatkin
Petrol Station Cashier
Ann Way
Mrs Way
Mohammed Ashiq
Pat Keen
Mrs Wisely
Geoffrey Hutchings
Mr Wisely
Geoffrey Greenhill
Policeman with Mrs Wheel
Richard Ridings
Policeman at Crash
Geoffrey Davion
Policeman at Crash
Charles Bartholomew
Man in Telephone Box
Sheila Keith
Pat’s Mother
Christian Regan
Pat’s Son
Alan Parnaby
Policeman at Telephone Box
Tony Haygarth
Ivan with the Tractor
Ronald Sowton
Alan Granton
Susan Field
Woman in Lane
Leslie Schofield
Policeman Arresting Pat
Mike Glynn
Policeman with Black Eye
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Main title from Clockwise (1986) (12). Also starring Joan Hickson, Michael Aldridge
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (11). Stephen Moore
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (10). Alison Steadman
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (9). Penelope Wilton
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (8). Starring John Cleese
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (7). An original screenplay by Michael Frayn
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (6)
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (5)
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (4). A Michael Codron film
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (3)
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (2). Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment presents
Main title from Clockwise (1986) (1). Thorn EMI


Christopher Morahan
Michael Codron
Michael Frayn
Writer (original screenplay)


Moment Films
Production company
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Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment
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Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment
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