Conflict of Wings

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| Film | | UK | Colour | Comedy, Drama | 1h 24min |
Stars: John Gregson, Kieron Moore, Harry Fowler

East Anglian villagers fight to save a bird sanctuary from being taken over by the RAF as a rocket range

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Sub-Ealing comedy-drama with a highly predictable outcome; generally pleasant, but without much bite. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (25)

John Gregson
Cpl Bill Morris
Kieron Moore
Sqn Ldr Parsons
Harry Fowler
LAC ‘Buster’
Guy Middleton
The Adjutant
Campbell Singer
Flt Sgt Campbell
Russell Napier
Wg Cmr Rogers
Humphrey Lestocq
Sqd Ldr Davidson
Harold Siddons
Flt Lt Edwards
Peter Swanwick
Sgt Working Party
Tony Doonan
Range Cpl
Paul Harding
1st Pilot
Guy Verney
2nd Pilot
Howard Connell
F O Flying Control
Brian Moorehead
3rd Pilot
David Spenser
Cpl Flying Control
John Gale
Range LAC
A publicity shot for British actress, Muriel Pavlow.  Signed ‘Best wishes, Muriel Pavlow’
Niall MacGinnis
Harry Tilney
George Woodbridge
‘Old Circular’
Frederick Piper
Joe Bates
Bartlett Mullins
Edwin Richfield
‘Smother’ Brooks
Sheila Sweet
Fanny Bates
Margaret Withers
Mrs Tilney
William Mervyn
Mr Wentworth Col Wentworth
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John Eldridge


Herbert Mason



Production company

Group 3

Also known as

Fuss over Feathers (USA)