Opening credits from The Courtneys of Curzon Street (1947) (4)

The Courtneys of Curzon Street

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | 2h |
Stars: Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding, Gladys Young | Director: Herbert Wilcox

In Victorian times, a baronet’s son marries a lady’s maid… and many years later, their grandson marries a factory worker

Together Again in Their Greatest Triumph Yet!

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Unbelievable upstairs-downstairs romantic drama spanning three generations: all to be taken with a pinch of salt, but a huge success when released. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (19)

Anna Neagle, British actress, in a publicity photo wears a pearl necklace and a black dress
Kate O’Halloran
British actor Michael Wilding wears a jacket and tie
Sir Edward Courtney
Gladys Young
Lady Courtney
Daphne Slater
Cynthia Carmody
Jack Watling
Teddy Courtney
Michael Medwin
Edward Courtney
Edgar Norfolk
Mr W
G H Mulcaster
Sir Edward Courtney Sr.
Coral Browne
Alice Gachet
Helen Cherry
Mary Courtney
Ethel O’Shea
Mrs O’Halloran
Terry Randall
Thora Hird
Nicholas Phipps
Bernard Lee
Colonel Gascoyne
Max Kirby
Algie Longworth
Percy Walsh
Sir Frank Murchison
Gene Crowley
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Herbert Wilcox


George Maynard
Herbert Wilcox



Production company

Herbert Wilcox Productions

Also known as

The Courtney Affair (USA)

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Opening credits from The Courtneys of Curzon Street (1947) (4)
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