Main title from Dancing with Crime (1947) (3).  Original story by Peter Fraser

Dancing with Crime


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 1h 23min |
| Stars: Richard Attenborough, Barry K Barnes, Sheila Sim | Director: John Paddy Carstairs

A dance hall is the front for black marketeers, who are exposed by a resourceful taxi driver


British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
Ted Peters
Photograph of English actor, Barry K Barnes (1)
Paul Baker
Sheila Sim, whose steady rise to success in such films as A Canterbury Tale, The Guinea Pig and Dear Mr Prohack has established her as an accomplished actress who epitomises youthful English charm, has an important romantic role in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman.  She plays Janet, the archaeologist narrator’s niece, who suffers unhappiness through her love for Pandora’s fiancé, a famous racing motorist, portrayed by Nigel Patrick
Joy Goodall
The Vicar of Bray (1937) opening credits (10)
Garry Marsh
Det Sgt Murray
John Warwick
Det Inspector Carter
Judy Kelly
Toni Masters
Barry Jones
Bill Owen
Dave Robinson
Cyril Chamberlain
Peter Croft
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Main title from Dancing with Crime (1947) (3).  Original story by Peter Fraser


John Paddy Carstairs
Peter Fraser
Brock Williams


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