Main title from Ellis Island (1984)

Ellis Island

TV Programme | | Colour
Stars: Joan Greenwood, Ann Jillian, Lila Kaye

The lives and struggles of some of the countless immigrants who arrived on Ellis Island during the 19th century in search of the American Dream

And so they came to America. America the land of freedom and opportuinty, the land of hope. They came by the thousands. They arrived with little in their pockets but they were rich in dreams. And for each of them, the dream - or nightmare - began at Ellis Island.

‘Ellis Island’ brings turn-of-the-20th Century America to life in all its vitality and vulgarity. And for the thousands of hopeful immigrants who poured daily into this new country’s lifeblood, the promised land of America existed wholly in a Mecca called New York.

Marco and Jake, two young immigrants who stumbled off the boat at Ellis Island, grew up to be two American men who would leave their mark. They remain symbols of hope for the two out of every five Americans alive today who are descendants of an Ellis Island immigrant...

Partial Episode List (2)

Season 1 (2 episodes)

  • 1) Episode #1.1 (1984)
  • 2) Episode #1.2 (1984)

Main Cast (5)

A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation. 2 episodes
Madame Levitska
Peter Riegert
2 episodes
Jacob Rubinstein
Gregory Paul Martin
2 episodes
Marco Santorelli
Claire Bloom
2 episodes
Rebecca Weiler
Judi Bowker
2 episodes
Georgiana ‘Georgie’ O’Donnell
+ Show full cast (-5 more)

Series Director

Jerry London
2 episodes

Series Writer

Christopher Newman
(teleplay) 2 episodes
Fred Mustard Stewart
(novel) 2 episodes

Production companies

Telepictures Productions

Vista Films

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Main title from Ellis Island (1984)
Ellis Island (1984) opening credits
Richard Burton and Faye Dunaway in an Australian video cover from Ellis Island (1984) (1)
Ellis Island (1984) Australian video cover (1) | Richard Burton, Faye Dunaway
Video cover from Ellis Island (1984) (2)
Ellis Island (1984) video cover (2)
Photograph from Ellis Island (1984) (1)
Ellis Island (1984) photograph (1)
Video cover from Ellis Island (1984) (1)
Ellis Island (1984) video cover (1)

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