Forever and a Day


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| Film | USA | B&W | Drama, History | 1h 44min |
| Stars: George Kirby, Doreen Munroe, May Beatty | Directors: Edmund Goulding, Cedric Hardwicke

The history of a London house from 1804 to the Blitz of World War II

78 stars in one Great Picture!


George Kirby
Wartime Newspaper Vendor
Doreen Munroe
Wartime Londoner
May Beatty
Wartime Londoner Cook
Connie Leon
Wartime Londoner
Joy Harington
Wartime Bus Conductor
Kent Smith
Gates Trimble Pomfret
Ernest Grooney
Hotel Manager
Reginald Gardiner
Assistant Hotel Manager
Victor McLaglen
Archibald Spavin
Billy Bevan
Wartime Cabby
Arthur Treacher
Second Air Raid Watcher
Harry Allen
First Cockney Air Raid Watcher
Aubrey Mather
Man in Air Raid Shelter
Ethel Griffies
Wife of Man in Air Raid Shelter
June Lockhart
Girl in Air Raid Shelter
Barbara Everest
Girl’s Mother in Air Raid Shelter
Stuart Robertson
Air Raid Warden
Ruth Warrick
Lesley Trimble
Herbert Marshall
Curate in Air Raid Shelter
Charles Irwin
Cpl Charlie
Gerald Oliver Smith
Man in Air Raid Shelter
C Aubrey Smith
Adm Eustace Trimble
Edmund Gwenn
Lumsden Hare
Paramount Pictures publicity photo from 1948, featuring British actor Ray Milland
Lt William ‘Bill’ Trimble
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Made for war charities by a combination of the European talents in Hollywood, this series of sketches was unavoidably patchy but gave good opportunities to several familiar performers and stands as a likeable quick reference to their work at this period. (Halliwell’s)


Cedric Hardwicke
Director / Producer
Robert Stevenson
Frank Lloyd
Edmund Goulding
Director / Producer
Herbert Wilcox
Victor Saville
Charles Bennett
Alan Campbell


RKO Radio Pictures
Production company
RKO Radio Pictures
Distribution company