The Four Just Men (1959–60)

The Boy Without a Country


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama
| Stars: Jack Hawkins, Martin Benson, Andrew Keir
| S1 E38 | 2nd March, 1960

A young boy with no home, who works aboard a tramp freighter, escapes the ship and its vicious captain. The boy is arrested for theft, and Manfred works to clear him and find a way for him to stay in England

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The Four Just Men (1959–60)
Four army veterans based in Paris, London, New York and Rome combine their talents to fight injustice around the world.

Episode cast

Screenshot from the 1959 ‘The Battle of the Bridge’ episode of The Four Just Men (1959-1960) (2) featuring Jack Hawkins (as Ben Manfred)
Ben Manfred
Martin Benson
Capt Renald
Andrew Keir
Joseph Cuby
Peter Illing
Doctor Cramer
Victor Brooks
The Sergeant
Frank Thornton
Rosemarie Dunham
1st Tart
Myrtle Reed
2nd Tart
Graham Stewart
The Helper
Wilfred Fletcher
The Tramp
Lisa Gastoni
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Sidney Cole
Basil Dearden
Marc Brandel
Edgar Wallace
Writer (novel)