The Four Just Men (1959–60)

The Deserter


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama
| Stars: Jack Hawkins, Richard Johnson, Ronald Howard
| S1 E7 | 29th October, 1959

A British officer disappears for six weeks and then is court-martialled for desertion. He refuses to defend himself and Manfred wants to know why

The Four Just Men (1959-1960) opening credits (1)
The Four Just Men (1959–60)
Four army veterans based in Paris, London, New York and Rome combine their talents to fight injustice around the world.

Episode cast

Screenshot from the 1959 ‘The Battle of the Bridge’ episode of The Four Just Men (1959-1960) (2) featuring Jack Hawkins (as Ben Manfred)
Ben Manfred
Richard Johnson
Capt Bannion
Ronald Howard
Colonel Parkes
Melissa Stribling
Mrs Bannion
Basil Dignam
Judge Advocate
Noel Howlett
Arthur Gomez
Clive Baxter
Security Officer
Neil Hallett
Michael Bates
Corporal Bates
Harold Goodwin
Corporal Jevons
Anne Padwick
Thomas Hare
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Sidney Cole
Basil Dearden
Edgar Wallace
Writer (novel)
John Baines
Writer (script)