The Four Just Men (1959–60)

Their Man in London


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama
| Stars: Jack Hawkins, June Thorburn, Mark Dignam
| S1 E11 | 26th November, 1959

A young woman, an opponent to the dictatorship in Guatarica, is murdered in London. The killer may be hiding in the embassy, protected by diplomatic immunity

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The Four Just Men (1959–60)
Four army veterans based in Paris, London, New York and Rome combine their talents to fight injustice around the world.

Episode cast

Screenshot from the 1959 ‘The Battle of the Bridge’ episode of The Four Just Men (1959-1960) (2) featuring Jack Hawkins (as Ben Manfred)
Ben Manfred
June Thorburn
Hilary Colson
Mark Dignam
Ralph Truman
Dos Petros
Eira Heath
Rosanna Lopez
Andrew Keir
Maurice Kaufmann
Paul Stassino
Jose Pereza
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Sidney Cole
Basil Dearden
Leon Griffiths
Edgar Wallace
Writer (novel)