Main title from Gift Horse (1952)

Gift Horse


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 40min
| Stars: Trevor Howard, Richard Attenborough, Sonny Tufts | Director: Compton Bennett

In 1940 an old US destroyer is given to Britain, and an officer reluctantly takes charge of it


British actor Trevor Howard smokes a cigarette.  Howard is dressed in a herringbone jacket and tie
Lt Cmdr Hugh Alginon Fraser
British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
Able Seaman ‘Dripper’ Daniels
Sonny Tufts
Ordinary Seaman ‘Yank’ Flanagan
James Donald
Lt Richard Jennings, No. 1
Bernard Lee
A.S. ‘Stripey’ Wood
Publicity photo of British film actress, Dora Bryan
Glad Flanagan
Signed photograph of British actor Hugh Williams, as Hindley in Wuthering Heights (1939) (1)
Captain David G. Wilson, Division Commander
Robin Bailey
Lt Michael Grant, Pilot
Meredith Edwards
John Forrest
Appleby the Captain’s Steward
Patric Doonan
Petty Officer Martin
Sidney James
Ned Hardy, Owner Golden Bull
Tony Quinn
McConalog the Bartender
James Kenney
John A. Fraser, Hugh’s Son
George Street
Court Member
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Main title from Gift Horse (1952)


Compton Bennett
Ivan Goff
Writer (from an original story by)
Ben Roberts
Writer (from an original story by)


Production company