A Girl in a Million

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Stars: Hugh Williams, Joan Greenwood, Basil Radford

Having divorced a nagging wife, a chemist marries a dumb girl, but when he cures her…

After suffering years of nagging, a chemist divorces his garrulous wife.

Seeking peace and quiet, Tony retreats into a lonely research institute with two other bachelors, Prendergast and Fotheringham.

However, romance blossoms with the arrival of Gay, a dumb struck sea evacuee; but how long will the peace last?

Cast (14)

Hugh Williams
A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation.
Gay Hardwicke
British actor, Basil Radford, as Captain Paul Waggett in Whisky Galore! (1949)
Naunton Wayne, well-known British actor who plays the role of Leslie, one of the club friends of of Henry Garnet (Basil Radford) in ‘The Facts of Life’, one of the four Somerset Maugham stories comprising ‘Quartet’, Sydney Box’s new production for Gainsborough Pictures
Eileen Joyce
Wylie Watson
Yvonne Owen
Hartley Power
Colonel Sultzman
Edward Lexy
James Knight
Pavilion Manager
Charles Rolfe
Millicent Wolf
Aubrey Mallalieu
Main title from The Vicar of Bray (1937) (10).  Garry Marsh as Sir Richard Melross
Garry Marsh
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Production Information

GB (Boca/British Lion), 1945, 90 minutes, B&W, Muriel and Sydney Box (Writers), Francis Searle (Director)

Pictures (5)

Joan Greenwood (as Gay Hardwicke) in a screenshot from A Girl in a Million (1945) (2)
Hugh Williams (as Tony), Naunton Wayne (as Fotheringham) and Basil Radford (as Prendergast) in a screenshot from A Girl in a Million (1945) (1)
Main title from A Girl in a Million (1945)
Hugh Williams (as Tony) and Joan Greenwood (as Gay Hardwicke) in a photograph from A Girl in a Million (1945) (1)
Poster for A Girl in a Million (1945) (1)

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