Screenshot from the ‘Big Snogs’ (1986) episode of Girls on Top (1985-86) (9)

Girls on Top (1985–86)

Big Snogs


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| TV Episode | 30min
| Stars: Tracey Ullman, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders
| S2 | 6th November, 1986

The women at Spare Cheeks are taking classes in electrical repair work, which are now being taught Tom, whose sister can’t make it. Amanda always on the lookout for a man, falls head over heels in love

Girls on Top (1985-86) screenshot (14)
Girls on Top (1985–86)
A feminist writer snags herself a Chelsea flat but has to take in flatmates to help pay the bills.

Episode cast

Tracey Ullman
Candice Valentine
Dawn French
Amanda Ripley
Jennifer Saunders
Jennifer Marsh
Ruby Wax
Shelley DuPont
Josephine Antosz
Mrs Miller
Paul Mark Elliott
A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation.
Lady Chloe Carlton
Rashid Karapiet
Hugh Laurie
Helen Lederer
Pauline Melville
Daniel Peacock
Commercial Actor
Bill Ritchie
TV Reporter
Harriet Thorpe
Shaun Waller
Director’s Assistant
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Screenshot from the ‘Big Snogs’ (1986) episode of Girls on Top (1985-86) (9)