Gone with the Wind

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| Film | | USA | Colour | 3h 58min |
Stars: Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O’Neil, Vivien Leigh

An egotistic Southern girl survives the Civil War but finally loses the only man she cares for

Cast (15)

Thomas Mitchell
Gerald O’Hara
Barbara O’Neil
Ellen – His Wife
Distinguished British leading lady, Vivien Leigh
Scarlett – Their Daughter
Evelyn Keyes
Suellen – Their Daughter
Ann Rutherford
Carreen – Their Daughter
George Reeves
Brent Tarleton – Scarlett’s Beau
Fred Crane
Stuart Tarleton – Scarlett’s Beau
Hattie Mcdaniel
Mammy – House Servant
Oscar Polk
Pork – House Servant
Butterfly Mcqueen
Prissy – House Servant
Victor Jory
Jonas Wilkerson – Field Overseer
Everett Brown
Big Sam – Field Foreman
Howard C Hickman
John Wilkes
Alicia Rhett
India – His Daughter
Leslie Howard
Ashley – His Son
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Victor Fleming
George Cukor


(story of the old south "Gone with the Wind")

Production companies

Selznick International Pictures
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

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