The Great Escape

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| Film | | USA | 2h 52min |
Stars: Steve Mcqueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough | Director: John Sturges

Allied prisoners plan to escape from a German prison camp

Cast (15)

Steve Mcqueen
Hilts ‘The Cooler King’
James Garner
Hendley ‘The Scrounger’
British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
Bartlett ‘Big X’
James Donald
Ramsey ‘The SBO’
Charles Bronson
Danny ‘Tunnel King’
Donald Pleasence
Blythe ‘The Forger’
James Coburn
Sedgwick ‘Manufacturer’
Hannes Messemer
Von Luger ‘The Kommandant’
David McCallum
Ashley-Pitt ‘Dispersal’
Gordon Jackson
MacDonald ‘Intelligence’
John Leyton
Willie ‘Tunnel King’
Angus Lennie
Ives ‘The Mole’
Ted Edwards (Nigel Stock) in a scene from It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Cavendish ‘The Surveyor’
Robert Graf
Werner ‘The Ferret’
Jud Taylor
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John Sturges



Production companies

The Mirisch Company
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