Hell Is Sold Out

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| Film | | UK | B&W | Drama | 1h 25min
Stars: Mai Zetterling, Herbert Lom, Richard Attenborough

A novelist returns from the supposed dead to find that a glamorous woman is posing as his widow and issuing best-sellers under his name

Cast (15)

Mai Zetterling
Valerie Martin
Herbert Lom
Dominic Danges
British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
Pierre Bonnet
Main title from Brighton Rock (1948) (3).  Hermione Baddeley as Ida Arnold
Hermione Baddeley
Mme Louise Menstrier
Nicholas Hannen
Olaf Pooley
Cheri, male secretary
Eric Pohlmann
Louis, the proprietor
British actress, Kathleen Byron
Arlette de Balzamann
Joan Young
Mrs Gertrude de Montfort Cole
Althea Orr
Mrs Eunice Weinhardt
Virginia Bedard
Mrs Irma Reinhardt
Joan Hickson
Hortense, the housekeeper
John Penrose
Repatriation Officer
Geoffrey Toone
Swedish Consulate Clerk
Mara Lane
Cafe Singer
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Michael Anderson



Production company

Raymond Stross Productions