Hilda Crane


| Stars: Jean Simmons, Guy Madison, Jean-Pierre Aumont

An unhappy woman marries for the third time and convinces herself that it won’t work


Jean Simmons, British actress, wears a lacy top and a pearl necklace as she poses for a 1950s publicity photo
Hilda Crane Burns
Guy Madison
Russell Burns
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Prof. Jacques De Lisle
Judith Evelyn
Mrs Stella Crane
Evelyn Varden
Mrs Burns
Peggy Knudsen
Nell Bromley
Gregg Palmer
Dink Bromley
Richard Garrick
Dr Joe Francis
Jim Hayward
Mr Small
Sandee Marriott
Cab Driver
Don Shelton
Mr Jensen - Caterer
Helen Mayon
Maureen - Hilda’s Maid
Marie Blake
Clara - Mrs Crane’s Housekeeper
Jay Jostyn
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Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger recently revealed that they expect their first child in July.  Here Jean enjoys the last piece of her cake that her obstetrician will allow her until after the happy event.  This photo was taken at the end-of-the-picture party for Hilda Crane, Jean’s next 20th-Fox CinemaScope release.  The love drama also stars Guy Madison and Jean Pierre Aumont.  1st May, 1956.


Hilda Crane - 1956, Philip Dunne (Director)