Hindle Wakes


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama | 1h 22min
| Stars: Leslie Dwyer, Lisa Daniely, Brian Worth | Director: Arthur Crabtree

A Lancashire millgirl spends a week at Blackpool with the master’s son, but causes a scandal when she refuses to marry him


Leslie Dwyer
Chris Hawthorn
Lisa Daniely
Jenny Hawthorn
Brian Worth
Alan Jeffcote
Sandra Dorne
Mary Hollins
Ronald Adam
Mr Jeffcote
Signed photograph of English actress, Joan Hickson. Picture reads ‘All good wishes, Joan Hickson’
Mrs Hawthorn
Michael Medwin
George Ackroyd
Mary Clare
Mrs Jeffcote
Bill Travers
Beatrice Varley
Mrs Hollins
Tim Turner
Tommy Dykes
Diana Hope
Betty Farrer
Lloyd Pearson
Tim Farrer
Judy Vann
Jeffcote’s Secretary
Cyril Smith
Hotel Porter
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Arthur Crabtree
John Baines
Writer (screenplay)
Stanley Houghton
Writer (adapted from the play "Hindle Wakes")


Monarch Productions Limited
Production company
William Gell Productions
Production company