The Honey Pot


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| Film | USA | Comedy, Crime, Mystery | 2h 30min |
| Stars: Rex Harrison, Susan Hayward, Cliff Robertson | Director: Joseph L Mankiewicz

A millionaire pretends to be dying in order to trick three former mistresses; but one of them is murdered


Autographed photograph of British actor Rex Harrison from the 1948 film, Escape
Cecil Fox
Susan Hayward
Mrs Sheridan
Cliff Robertson
William McFly
Princess Dominique
Edie Adams
Merle McGill
The VIPs (1963) opening credits (8)
Maggie Smith
Sarah Watkins
Adolfo Celi
Inspector Rizzi
Herschel Bernardi
Oscar Ludwig
Massimo Serato
The Pretender
Hugh Manning
David Dodimead
Antonio Corevi
Cy Grant
Revenue Agent
Frank Latimore
Revenue Agent
Carlos Alberto Valles
Assistant Tailor
Raymond Burr
Himself – as Perry Mason
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Uneasy variation, via two other variations, on Ben Jonson’s Volpone; despite bright moments, the mood is fatally inconsistent, and a cloud of pseudo-sophisticated dialogue hangs of the whole thing like a pall. (Halliwell’s)


Joseph L Mankiewicz
Director / Writer (written for the screen by)
Thomas Sterling
Writer (novel)
Frederick Knott
Writer (play)
Ben Jonson
Writer (play)


United Artists
Distribution company