Hotel Sahara

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 36min |
Stars: Yvonne De Carlo, Peter Ustinov, David Tomlinson | Director: Ken Annakin

In North Africa during World War II, a small hotel changes its loyalties to suit its occupiers

Cast (12)

Yvonne De Carlo
Yasmin Pallas
Peter Ustinov
David Tomlinson
Captain Puffin Cheyne
British actor, Roland Culver
Major Bill Randall
Albert Lieven
Lieutenant Gunther von Heilicke
Bill Owen
Private Binns
Guido Lorraine
Captain Giuseppi
Mireille Perrey
Mme Pallas
Ferdy Mayne
Morry Hyams (Sydney Tafler) in his store in a scene from It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Corporal Pullar
Eugene Deckers
French Spahi officer
A C Lewis
Suleiman the Goat
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Ken Annakin



Production company

George H. Brown Productions
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