Main title from The House in the Woods (1957)

The House in the Woods


| Stars: Ronald Howard, Patricia Roc, Michael Gough

A trendy couple get in over their head in their quest for a little peace and quiet

Geoffrey Carter, a highly strung author suffering from writer’s block, petulantly insists to his wife that they flee their annoying neighbours and move somewhere more peaceful. They find a delightfully remote woodland cottage which the owner a melancholic, widowed artist with a Larry Adler fixation is happy to rent them at a pittance. All too soon they realise that something is not quite right with their landlord and, much to Geoffrey’s horror, he realises that the plot of his new murder mystery is being played out for real...


Ronald Howard
Spencer Rowland
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Carol Carter
Michael Gough
Geoffrey Carter
Andrea Troubridge
Mrs Shellaby
Bill Shine
Colonel Shellaby
Norah Hammond
Mrs Bletchley
Tim Ellison
Elegant Young Man
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Network / The British Film DVD release of the House in the Woods, starring Patricia Roc, Ronald Howard, and Michael Hough.  It was just a murder story... or was it happening for real?
Main title from The House in the Woods (1957)