Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday


Film | B&W
| Stars: Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim, Linden Travers

The inspector and his sergeant solve the death of a fellow boarder at a seaside hotel


Gordon Harker
Inspector Hornleigh
Publicity photograph of British actor, Alastair Sim
Sergeant Bingham
Linden Travers (as Augusta Leigh) in a screenshot from The Bad Lord Byron (1948) (4)
Miss Angela Meadows
Autographed photo of English actor, Wally Patch (1). The actor wears a bowler hat and open-necked shirt, while a cigarette droops from his mouth
Police Sergeant
Edward Chapman
Captain Edwin Fraser
Philip Leaver
Kynaston Reeves
Dr Manners
John Turnbull
Chief Constable
Wyndham Goldie
Sir George Winbeck
Cyril Conway
Minor Role
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