The Interrupted Journey


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 20min |
| Stars: Valerie Hobson, Richard Todd, Christine Norden | Director: Daniel Birt

An author leaves his wife for another woman, changes his mind on the journey, pulls the communication cord and causes a train crash. Or does he?


Main title from Train of Events (1949) featuring Valerie Hobson
Carol North
Publicity photo of British actor, Richard Todd
John North
Christine Norden
Susan Wilding
Tom Walls
Mr Clayton
Alexander Gauge
Jerves Wilding
Ralph Truman
Inspector Waterson
Vida Hope
Miss Marchmont
Publicity photo of British film actress, Dora Bryan
Vincent Ball
1st Workman
Jack Vyvyan
2nd. Workman
Cyril Smith
Elsie Wagstaff
Wilding’s Maid
Dora Sevening
Mrs Wilding Senior
Nigel Neilson
Sergeant Sanger
Arthur Lane
Constable Cowley
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Daniel Birt
Michael Pertwee
Writer (original story)


Valiant Films
Production company