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Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Joan Greenwood, Paul Ferris

British anthology series from Granada Television

Partial Episode List (3)

Season 1 (1 episode)

Season 2 (1 episode)

Season 7 (1 episode)

Main Cast (5)

Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress 2 episodes
Mrs Cheyney
A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation. 1 episode
Sheila Broadbent
Dennis Price sports a natty moustache, cravat and white jumper, all whilst smoking a cigarette 1 episode
Lord Dilling
Anna Carteret
1 episode
Clarissa Crosswaite
Raymond Clarke
1 episode
David Bulloch
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Series Director

John Jacobs
1 episode
Desmond Davis
1 episode
Michael Westmore
1 episode

Series Writer

William Douglas-Home
(play) 1 episode
Rodney Ackland
(adapted by) 1 episode
Frederick Lonsdale
(play) 1 episode

Pictures (3)

TV Times magazine with Margaret Lockwood in The Last of Mrs Cheyney.  16th September, 1956.
TV Times magazine – Margaret Lockwood – September 1956
Look Westward magazine with Leslie Phillips and  Joan Greenwood in The Reluctant Debutante.  27th February, 1966.
Look Westward magazine – Leslie Phillips, Joan Greenwood – February 1966
TV Times magazine with Joan Greenwood and  Leslie Phillips in The Reluctant Debutante.  26th February, 1966.
TV Times magazine – Joan Greenwood, Leslie Phillips – February 1966

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