Main title from Jigsaw (1962)


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| Film | | UK | B&W | 1h 47min |
Stars: Jack Warner, Ronald Lewis, Yolande Donlan

Brighton policemen track down the murderer of a woman found in a lonely house on the beach

Cast (13)

Main title from Train of Events (1949) featuring Jack Warner
Det Insp Fred Fellows
Ronald Lewis
Det Sgt Jim Wilks
Yolande Donlan
Jean Sherman
Michael Goodliffe
Clyde Burchard
John Le Mesurier
Mr Simpson
Moira Redmond
Joan Simpson
Christine Bocca
Mrs Simpson
Brian Oulton
Frank Restlin
Ray Barrett
Sgt Gorman
Norman Chappell
Andy Roach
John Barron
Ray Tenby
Joan Newell
Mrs Banks
Richard Vernon
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Main title from Jigsaw (1962)
Jigsaw (1962) opening credits
Main title from Jigsaw (1962).