Main title from Johnny Frenchman (1945)

Johnny Frenchman


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Comedy | 1h 52min
| Stars: Françoise Rosay, Tom Walls, Patricia Roc | Director: Charles Frend

Rivalry between the fishermen of Cornwall and Brittany prevents the course of true love from running smooth


Françoise Rosay
Lanec Florrie
Tom Walls
Nat Pomeroy
British actress Patricia Roc strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot for Jassy (1947).
Sue Pomeroy
Ralph Michael
Bob Tremayne
Paul Dupuis
Yan Kervarec
Frederick Piper
Zacky Penrose
Arthur Hambling
Steven Matthews
Richard George
Charlie West
Bill Blewitt
Dick Trewhiddle
James Harcourt
Joe Pender
Richard Harrison
Tim Bassett
Stanley Pasken
Sam Olds
Stan Paskin
Sam Olds
James Knight
Tom Hocking
Leslie Harcourt
Jack Nicholas
Justice (1971-74) photograph (1) | John Stone, Margaret Lockwood
John Stone
Sam Harvey
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Main title from Johnny Frenchman (1945)
Film et Famille magazine with Patricia Roc in Johnny Frenchman.  1947, issue number 40.  (French)
Francoise Rosay (as Lanec Florrie) in a photograph from Johnny Frenchman (1945) (2)
Francoise Rosay as she appears in the Ealing Studios production Johnny Frenchman produced by Michael Balcon and directed by Charles Frend
Film Complet magazine with Patricia Roc in Johnny Frenchman.  22nd September, 1949, issue number 172.  (French)
Johnny Frenchman DVD


Charles Frend
T EB Clarke
Writer (original screenplay)


Ealing Studios
Production company