Killer’s Carnival


| Stars: Stewart Granger, Lex Barker, Pierre Brice

A murderer tracked by the police takes refuge at a psychiatrist’s home, where the doctor tells him three stories to convince him that crime does not pay


Stewart Granger, famous British film star who later made his name in Hollywood, poses for a promotional photo in the mid-1940s
David Porter (Vienna segment)
Lex Barker
Glenn Cassidy (San Francisco segment)
Pierre Brice
Agent Brice (Rome segment)
Karin Dor
Denise (San Francisco segment)
Pascale Petit
Lotty (Vienna segment)
Margaret Lee
Agent Linda (Rome segment)
Walter Giller
Karl (Vienna segment)
Johanna Matz
Monique Carrar (Vienna segment)
Klaus Kinski
Gomez (San Francisco segment)
Agnes Spaak
Nelly Small (San Francisco segment)
Peter Vogel
Wendt, Suspected girls’ killer
Richard Munch
Professor Alden (Frame story)
Carmen G Cervera
Joana (San Francisco segment)
Allen Pinson
Ray Runner (San Francisco segment)
Herbert Fux
Ganove (Vienna segment)
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Spanish poster for Los Matones [Killer’s Carnival] (1966) (1)
German DVD cover of Killer’s Carnival (1966) (1)
Lobby card from Killer’s Carnival (1966) (1)
Pierre Brice (as Agent Brice (Rome segment)), Lex Barker (as Glenn Cassidy (San Francisco segment)) and Stewart Granger (as David Porter (Vienna segment)) in a German video cover from Killer’s Carnival (1966) (1)