Latin Quarter

Film | | B&W
Stars: Derrick De Marney, Frederick Valk, Joan Seton

In 1890s Paris a mad sculptor murders his fiancée and hides her inside his latest exhibit

In 1890s Paris, an eccentric sculptor takes his injured ballet dancer muse as his wife.

However, as her unloved husband’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Christine starts an affair with another artist, Charles.

The illicit couple agree to run away together, when Christine suddenly disappears...

Cast (17)

Derrick De Marney
Charles Garrie
Frederick Valk
Dr. Ivan Krassner
Joan Seton
Lucille Lindbeck
A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation.
Christine Minetti
Beresford Egan
Anton Minetti
Lily Kann
Maria, the Concierge
Valentine Dyall
Prefect of Police
Bruce Winston
Margaret Clarke
The Ballet Madame
Rachel Brodbar
Minetti’s small-town mistress
Martin Miller
The Morgue Keeper
Sybille Binder
Mme. Cordova, the Medium
The Ballet Master
Anthony Hawtrey
The Heart Specialist
Billy Holland
Cave Man
Gerhard Kempinksi
Sergeant of Police
Cleo Nordi
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Production Information

GB (British National), 1945, 80 minutes, B&W, Vernon Sewell (Writer and Director), Pierre Mills, Charles Vylars (Play - L'Angoisse)

Also known as

Frenzy (USA)

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Joan Greenwood (as Christine Minetti) and Derrick de Marney (as Charles Garrie) in a screenshot from Latin Quarter (1945) (2)
Joan Greenwood (as Christine Minetti), Margaret Clarke (as The Ballet Madame) and Beresford Egan (as Anton Minetti) in a screenshot from Latin Quarter (1945) (1)
Main title from Latin Quarter (1945)
Joan Greenwood (as Christine Minetti) in a photograph from Latin Quarter (1945)
Poster for Latin Quarter (1945) (2)
Poster for Latin Quarter (1945) (1)
Utopian Films magazine with Derrick de Marney in Latin Quarter.  Issue number 1.
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