Law and Disorder

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| Film | | UK | B&W | Comedy | 1h 16min
Stars: Michael Redgrave, Robert Morley, Ronald Squire

Crooks rally around a confederate about to be arrested, to prevent his son from learning of his father’s real career

Cast (15)

British actor Michael Redgrave in a moustachioed publicity photograph
Percy Brand
Robert Morley
Judge Sir Edward Crichton
Ronald Squire
Colonel Masters
Elizabeth Sellars
Gina Laselle
Joan Hickson
Aunt Florence
Lionel Jeffries
Major Proudfoot
Jeremy Burnham
Colin Brand
Brenda Bruce
Mary Cooper
Harold Goodwin
George Coulouris
‘Bennie’ Bensuson
Meredith Edwards
Sergeant Bolton
Reginald Beckwith
David Hutcheson
Freddie Cooper
Mary Kerridge
Lady Crichton
Michael Trubshawe
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Charles Crichton



Production companies

Paul Soskin Productions
British Lion Film Corporation

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