Main title from The Legend of Hell House (1973) (2)

The Legend of Hell House

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| Film | | United Kingdom | Colour | Horror | 1h 35min |
Stars: Pamela Franklin, Roddy McDowall, Clive Revill | Director: John Hough

Four people arrive at a haunted house in which several psychic investigators have been killed

For the sake of your sanity, pray it isn’t true!

Cast (6)

Pamela Franklin
Florence Tanner
Roddy McDowall
Ben Fischer
Clive Revill
Dr Barrett
Gayle Hunnicutt
Ann / Ann Barrett
British actor, Roland Culver
Mr Deutsch
Peter Bowles
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John Hough


Albert Fennell
Norman T Herman



Production company

Academy Pictures Corporation

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Main title from The Legend of Hell House (1973) (2)
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